Feb, 2004:
EFT Canada Unveils Transaction Processing Solution
Company Develops Web Based Platform For SME’s

Toronto, Ontario, February 2004 — (BUSINESS WIRE)— EFT Canada Inc., is proud to announce the launch of its real time electronic transaction processing platform. This new fast and reliable solution enables small to medium sized business owners the ability to manage and maintain their operations more effectively, while exploiting the many business and cash management benefits available.

“After years of cash management experience, analyzing our typical clients business and listening to their needs, EFT Canada has been able to use our technological expertise to produce a processing platform that allows our clients greater controls over their transaction, banking, and reporting requirements”, commented Jonathan Pasternak, President. “Our processing solution will be an asset to any business owner, in any product or industry field.”

EFT Canada’s software application allows for the electronic collection or payment of a transaction within Canada. The software is a real-time business and transaction management system that can help client - customer relationships by providing real-time electronic processing and reporting.

The separate but cohesive platform modules make version one so successful. Clients are able to enter one-time or recurring entries into the database for immediate or future processing, while the banking module enables account balance verification tools for greater banking efficiency. Results are posted in real time, and clients, depending on their needs, have a variety of reports to choose from. Finally, EFT Canada has tied in a Customer Service Module that allows clients to keep track of customer addresses, comments, calls, and any other pertinent information.

Commenting on the new platform, Randy Waxman, Executive Vice President of EFT Canada said, "We are delighted to be able to lend our technological expertise and enable our clients a more robust service to manage their business.”

About EFT Canada Inc.

EFT Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, offers a complete solution to the electronic collection and payment processing needs of merchants, banks, credit unions, and other financial firms in Canada and the United States. The Company develops, maintains and delivers innovative electronic transaction processing technologies, such as customized electronic payment and collection processing, by drawing on its operational and applications expertise.

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